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“Elise facilitated a Leadership Teambuilding Workshop focused on enhancing our team’s performance and building a high-performance culture. Using the team’s aggregated Hogan Personality Assessment results, she guided us through the team’s strengths, development opportunities, and our shared values, all of which I found insightful and accurate. Her workshop was a mix of presentation and break-out sessions which generated a high level of team engagement, robust group discussion and many actionable ideas. Pre-workshop I found her responsive, helpful and easy to work with; post-workshop she provided us detailed, valuable recommendations on next steps that are helping us advance the team goals we generated that day. Highly recommend.”

“We had Hogan Assessments done on three CEO candidates before final round interviews. We were working under a very compressed timeline, and Elise was extremely accommodating in helping to have the assessments completed within that timeframe.  We were fascinated with the wealth of information that Elise interpreted for us and with how spot on the assessments were. The results not only helped us formulate final round interviewing and reference check questions, but we believe they will also prove to be invaluable during the on-boarding process.”

"We have hired Elise several times to help us make hiring decisions using Hogan Assessments. She understands our business and took the time to understand our firm's culture. Her interpretations of the Hogan results have been very informative and she has guided us to ask more targeted questions in the interview process. In addition to helping us vet candidates, Elise has added to our onboarding process by debriefing and coaching the successful hire using the test's results. I highly recommend Elise's Hogan services."

"I was surprised how closely the Hogan Reports reflected my personality and nailed behaviors that can undermine my success. Elise's interpretation of the results was very insightful and her "Stop/Start" analysis has provided actionable feedback that I know will make me a better leader, investor and manager."

“We hired Elise to administer Hogan Assessments to our final round candidates for IT Director. The assessments were incredibly on point and her interpretation of the results yielded a set of follow-up questions that made the final round of interviews much more productive.  The process helped us to categorize candidates’ strengths and weaknesses and map them onto the job requirements in an organized manner. The Hogan framework adds rigor and clarity to the hiring process, highly recommend.”

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