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The Power of Personality

The Power of Personality

By Elise Chowdhry, December 12th, 2016

Merriam Webster defines personality as “the complex of characteristics that distinguishes an individual especially in relationships with others”. Indeed, interpersonal relationships are complicated. Personality has the power to drive success, but equally has the power to derail it, if not fully understood and managed.

An effective way to harness the power of personality: Personality Assessments

Personality assessments are not new, in various forms they have been around for centuries. The first modern personality test was the Woodworth Personal data sheet, used by the Army in WWI to screen out recruits who might be susceptible to shell shock. Since then a number of personality tests have been developed and are increasingly being used in the workplace in a range of applications including hiring processes, enhancing team dynamics, succession planning, manager development, and leadership coaching.

Arguably the most well-known personality test in the corporate setting is Myers-Briggs. If you’ve taken it, you know you end up with a 4-letter identifiable personality (i.e. ENTJ, ISFP). Useful information for individuals trying to figure out personality-suitable occupations and for teams looking to understand the communication and learning styles of their co-workers. What Myers-Briggs does NOT provide: insight into interpersonal behaviors that can be strengths, but when overused can cause significant problems for individual careers and companies. At best, such behaviors can be derailers – at worst, they can be the root cause of failure.

Hogan Assessments is the only personality test which does provide those invaluable insights – click here to learn how Hogan uncovers the Dark Side of Personality.

If you are a leader trying to achieve corporate goals:

  • Have you dealt with one or more individuals who interviewed well but ended up being a hiring disaster?
  • If honest, are you inconsistent in interactions with internal and external stakeholders when stressed?

If you are a manager trying to get more out of your employees:

  • Have you gotten mixed reviews from employees in 360 reviews?
  • Do your employees seem to disengage when you behave in a certain way?

If you are an individual trying to advance your career:

  • Have you gotten feedback from bosses and/or colleagues that you can be difficult to deal with?
  • Have you struggled to get the promotion you’d hoped for?

In all cases, Hogan Assessments can help. Hogan results shed light on how to harness the power of productive personality traits and provide critical insight into behavioral tendencies to keep individuals and companies from going off the rails and on a trajectory to greater success.

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