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How We Work

How We Work

No two client engagements are the same but we apply an efficient, systematic and proven process to each Assessment we undertake:


Our work together starts with you providing an overview of your organization, outlining the firm’s strategic objectives and providing your perspective of the cultural dynamics of your firm. We spend time delving into organizational pain points you’ve identified and discuss any other issues you’d like us to investigate. For Organization Assessments we’ll brainstorm with you about which of your stakeholders are best to approach to yield the most valuable feedback. We’ll quickly frame the objectives discussed in our session, propose a cohesive game plan and work together with you to finalize the scope and approach of the engagement.


Our approach to analyzing your firm will be tailored to meet the project objectives, accommodate schedules and respect the firm culture. Subject to our agreed-upon methodology, this phase of the process could include multiple site visits including interviews with leaders and firm personnel, extensive data gathering, document review and/or interviews of outside constituents; it might also include confidential surveys, bench strength analysis or productivity/time studies.


We synthesize and crystallize our diligence findings with the collective feedback of your internal and/or external constituents into a comprehensive report in which we pinpoint opportunities and strategies to address both the initially identified pain points and issues that may have been revealed in the Analyze process.

We believe communication about the report is as important as the report itself. We’ll present our findings and recommendations to senior leadership, allow time to digest and make ourselves available for questions, clarifications and help facilitating communication to the broader team.

For clients who opt to enlist Optimum Advisors to craft and help implement any of the Assessment recommendations, you can expect the process to include:


When crafting strategic solutions to address your organizational issues, we incorporate our acquired learning of your firm and its individuals, your leadership style and firm culture. Your input is integral to this process in order to ensure solutions created will be operationally practical and work within firm culture.

This phase concludes with the establishment of agreed upon benchmarks and timetables to measure implementation success.

Follow Up

We perform “check ups” at the 6 month mark to ensure that implementations have taken hold within the organization and you are on pace to achieve your targeted objectives. If progress is below plan, we work with you to understand and address the issues to get you back on track to achieving success.

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